Muhammad Arif ar-Rivgariy

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Muhammad Arif ar-Rivgariy

Muhammad Arif ar-RivgariyArif Ar Hajj – Rivgariy, who was also called a saint Haji Arif Mohi Tobon - was one of the most famous and revered Sufis of Central Asia.

He was born approximately in 1156 in the town of Khadja Arif Rivgar that is 38 km from Bukhara.

And although the contribution of the famous Sufi to the business of serving the truth was vast, he was modest and not public man, and because of this aspect information about his life remains extremely small.

Now known facts about his biography and glorious things were mostly drawn from the works of the famous Suf poet Jami Abdurahman. In particular, in his work " Nafahat ul-uns " he was informing biographical information about al-Rivgari, as well as his great contribution to Tariqa (brotherhood) of " Hadzhagan" .

"Nafahat ul-uns" and the manuscript of "Arifnoma" were practically the only written evidence of the life of the famous Sufi. Of these, it becomes clear that Hadja Arif Rivgariy considered one of the most worthy of the traditions and practices of " Hadzhagan ", he was a follower of Sheikh Abdalhalik Gijduvani, immediately after his death, and led the Knights.

Arif al-Rivgary was the second of the seven feasts of the saints of Bukhara.

According to eyewitnesses, he was handsome, very prepossessing man himself. His face with regular features and unusually soulful eyes was extremely beautiful, for which he was nicknamed " Mohi-Tobon " - " Bright Moon ", and as we know, the Moon in the Orientis the main measure of human attraction.

Ar-Rivgariy lived a long and exemplary life and died at the age of 103 years. The saint was buried in his native village, now in its place of rest a beautiful memorial was built up. Courtyard, where the ashes from the shrine of Sufi were buried, was framed by carved aivan, near the grave of the saint there is a well with holy water. In 1977, after a partial restoration of an ancient burial site, the construction of the Friday mosque was completed here.

Today, the architectural complex was restored, landscaped and is a place of pilgrimage for Muslims from all over the world.

Tour "The legends of ancient cities of Uzbekistan"

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