Mohammad Babayi Simasi

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Mohammad Babayi Simasi

Mohammad Babai Simasi Hajj (1259-1354 years of life) – is considered to be the famous Sufi - mystic, an ardent supporter of school of "Hadzhagan", the fifth one in the spiritual chain of holy masters of Bukhara.

Muhammad Babai Simasi was born in the village of Simas in 1259 year, which belonged to a fairly large settlement of Ramitan, which was situated 15 kilometers from Bukhara.

The main contribution of Muhammad Babai Simasi Hajj into the development of the Sufi school of "Hadzhagan" up to nowadays is the development of concepts and techniques of "tasavvuf", which were later described in the writings of his disciples and followers of Said Amir Kulalie - "Makomoti Mir Qulol " and Bahauddin Naqshband - "Makomoti Shokhi Naqsh-band" .

The main achievement of the Master used to be the arrival’s foretold of one of the greatest scientists of the Sufis, the founder of one of the most popular trends in Tariqa"Hadzhagan" - Bahauddin Naqshband.

According to one legend, during passing the village of Qasr-i Hinduvan, which much later became known as Arifan, Mohammad Babai turned to his companions with the following words: " The smell of hero is on this earth." Going through there a little later, he declared, "Without a doubt, a hero was born, because the smell intensified." In reality it was exactly the same, three days before their arrival Bahauddin Naqshband was born in this village.

According to the customs of the time, the boy's grandfather put the gifts on his heart and asked Babai Simasi to bless the baby. But Great Hajjsaid in response: "From that moment this is our child, we accept him." After that he turned to his escort and added: "This is the hero, the smell of whom I felt. Only little time will pass, and then his fragrance will spread throughout the whole world. Thus, he will become " mushkil gousha "(" revealing the challenges ") for people of love. "

After the blessing of a child, he turned to Amir Kulalie, who by that time became his successor, and said: "In case my son, Bahauddin, will teach or devote you, do not deny it. And do not expect me to apologize, in case you refuse." In hios turn, Amir Kulalieput his hand on the heart and said: "If I disobey you, let me have nothing."

Mohammad Babai Simasi Hajj died in 1354 year at the age of 95, surrounded by his disciples and followers. Nowadays his sacred burial is located in the village of Simas of Romitan district of Bukhararegion.

Over the years of independence the shrine of Saint turned into a beautiful memorial complex with the mausoleum, mosque, well and a large garden. There are other buildings on the territory of the mazar for the casual life, designed in order to meet the pilgrims, as the tomb of St. Babai Simasi used to be a place of worship for hundreds of thousands of Muslims from around the world.

Tour "The legends of ancient cities of Uzbekistan"

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