Mahmoud Anzhir Fagnavi

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Mahmoud Anzhir Fagnavi.

Mahmoud Anzhir Fagnavi (who died in 1317year) – was a famous Sufi of his time, the recognized authority of Maverannakhr.

The exact date of birth of Mahmoud Anzhir Fagnavi unknown, we only learned that it happened in the village of Fagnavi, which is situated almost midway between Bukhara and Gijduvan, 20 kilometers from Bukhara.

According to eyewitnesses, Fagnavi was slightly above medium height, with an open and smiling face, straight nose and correct a few too big mouth. Having an unusually white skin, he wore a thick black beard, which nicely set off the white turban - an indispensable attribute with which the theologian has never parted. They say that the character of a famousSufiwas calm and without any anger (as the prophet Moses), and generally he had a reputation of piety and righteous person.

Fagnavi was considered to be continuator of the spiritual Sufi tradition, the most perfect of the followers of Arif ar- Rivgari, the disciple (murid) of whom he was for a long time.

The great Sufi was a master of carpentering and made a living by this, even after he took the place of his spiritual master, Arif ar-Rivgariand gained the right to instruct the people to the truth.

In the annals of Tariqa (spiritual fraternity) he became known as a preacher of a loud Zikr (spiritual meditation). It was exactly he, who during the procession of the prayers, welcomed and encouraged along with a low Zikr of Khufi, the loud Zikr, named Jahra.

When his disciples asked why this is necessary, Fagnavi replied: "I would like to wake up the sleeping, immersed into worldly life man, to encourage this careless to turn to God, to follow the path of truth - Tariqa, and sincerely to repent to Allah. Because only repentance is a real key to forgiveness and bliss, as well as a sign of happiness. "

During his coaching Mahmud Sheikh has prepared many students, the most famous of which were his successors - Ali Ramitani and Amir Khurd Vabkadiyu, the younger brother of Amir Kulalie.

Mahmoud Anzhir-Fagnavi Hajjdied in 1286 or in 1307 year and was buried in his native village by a great plenty of his disciples and followers.

These days, the village where the tomb of famous Sufi is situated, is called Anzhirbog.

At the present time, a beautiful strict mausoleum is built over the grave of the saint, there is the Friday mosque near it, House (pool) and the well water were excavated, the water of which is also considered to be saint. A large garden is located in the territory of the memorial and there is a place for the reception of pilgrims here, because the shrine is a place of mass visiting for the faithful and grateful descendants.

Tour "The legends of ancient cities of Uzbekistan"

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