Ali Ramitani. The Holy Azizon Hajj.

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Ali Ramitani . The Holy Azizon Hajj.

Ali Ramitani Hajj (1195-1321 years) is considered to be one of the most famous spiritual leaders of sufi Tariqa that is called "Hadzhagan", nicknamed by the people as "Azizon" ("The respectable sheikh").

The famous sufi was born in the 20 kilometers from Bukhara in the rather large town of Ramitan in 1195 year. Almost the whole his life he lived in the village of Kurgon, where he spent time mastering perfectly the craft of weaving.

Ali Ramitani was the spiritual disciple of Mahmud Anzhir Fagnavi Haji. Exactly from the master he received a spiritual initiation, later became the fourth of the seven saints teachers of Bukhara.

He was incredibly popular, as one of the greatest mentors of the sufism, his fame spread far beyond the country to Damascus and Konya. Judging from the available chronicle sources, thanks to his efforts one of the extraordinary event in the whole history came true - the Mongol khans converted their religion into Islam.

He was thirty years old, when the Mongols conquered Ali Ramitani . The spiritual mentor of Azizona - Mahmoud Fagnavi introduced him to Genghis Khan. By that time Ramitani himself had already a lot of students and traveled extensively in Turkestan and Khorasan with sermons.

The Mongol invasion destroyed and devastated quite vast areas, then in order to restore these destroyed regions, it took almost a hundred years. Based on data from the chronicle sources, the Tariqa of "Hadzhagan" took an active part in the reconstruction work. But at the same time, it always avoided the political and religious turmoil and kept away from reign power.

Therefore, It is nothing to be surprising that the Mongols prefer independent "holy men", who was extraordinarily popular among the people, to the orthodox clergy of the time that completely lost its influence.

All the more so the sufiteacher of wisdom made quite a deep impression on the Mongols, who considered them to be gifted shamans, who were able to show extraordinary spiritual abilities.

Azizon Hajj was widely known for his extraordinary wisdom and talent. He always knew the inner state of his spiritual students, and he often replied to questions that they would like to ask, but could not express. There are a great quantity legends about curing talent of Ramitani that say he returned people even from the very threshold of death. However, Azizon Hajj himself argued that he did not treat people at their request, but performed it directly on the orders of the Almighty. The great sufilived up to very old age, making money for his life exclusively by weaving, always responding with refuse to the requests of students to leave the impoverished home.

During his long and exemplary life the teacher prepared a great many of students, the most renowned of which are considered to be the caliphs: Muhammad Kulohduz Hajj, Muhammad Bavard Hajj, Muhammad Hallaj Balkhi Hajj as well as Muhammad Baba Sammasi Hajj

Azizon Hajj died at the age of 126 years in his native village at the hands of his two sons, the youngest of whom – precisely to Ibrahim Hajj, he bequeathed to continue his way of caring the sacred teachings to descendants.

The famous Sheikh was buried in his homeland and a remarkable of beauty mausoleum was constructed over his grave. Nearby, there are also a mosque, a draw-well and other buildings for the reception of pilgrims. These days, a memorial complex has been restored and landscaped. The plans of buildings imply the addition the Friday Mosque to it.

Tour "The legends of ancient cities of Uzbekistan"

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