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Города Казахстана


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Zhezkazgan (Dzhezkazgan) – is a beautiful green city, a generally accepted "copper pearl of the country." It is located in the heart of Kazakhstan, in the south-east from the mountains of Ulytau and the basin of the Kara-Kengir River. The climate of the region is sharply continental and dry, characterized by hot, dry summers and cold winters. Territory is exposed to prolonged dust storms.


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Kostanay (Kazakh: Костанай / Qostanay)Most Kostanai region associated with the virgin lands. But a hundred years ago the city was already a major trading center at the crossroads of Asia and Russia. One of British travelers in the early 20 th century called it in his diary, "the second Chicago", although there were ordinary-looking wooden houses, there was dust in the air and the streets were covered with sand. Development of virgin lands have transformed the city ...


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Karagandy (Kazakh: Караканды / Qarakandy), formerly known as Karaganda (Russian: Караганда, until 1993),Karagandy (Kazakh: Караканды / Qarakandy), formerly known as Karaganda (Russian: Караганда, until 1993), is the capital of Karagandy Province in Kazakhstan. It is the fourth most populous city in Kazakhstan, behind Almaty, Astana and Shymkent, with a population of 446,200 (as of 1 January 2006).[1] In the 1940s up to 70% of the city's inhabitants were ethnic Germans. Most of the ethnic …


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Atyrau (Kazakh: Атырау, Atyraw, pronounced;) formerly known as GuryevAtyrau (Kazakh: Атырау, Atyraw, pronounced;) formerly known as Guryev (Russian: Гурьев, until 1991) is a city in Kazakhstan, and the capital of Atyrau Province. It is located 2700 kilometers west of Almaty and 350 kilometers east of the Russian city of Astrakhan. Other transliterations include Aterau, Atirau, Atyraw, Atyraou, Atyrav, Atyraw. Modern Atyrau is famous for …


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Aktobe (Kazakh: Aqt?be), formerly known as Aktyubinsk (Russian: Актюбинск, until 1999)Aktobe – is a huge industrial city, which spreads over an area of 400 thousand square kilometers - the largest economic and cultural center of the western Kazakhstan. The city is located in the European part of the country, on the shore of Ilek - the left tributary of the Ural River, the central part of Subural plateau, which is a foothill valley with the height of 250-400 meters.


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Aktau has a block address system–the streets of the city have no namesAktau has a block address system–the streets of the city have no names, and all addresses in Aktau consist of three numbers: the microdistrict (block) number, the building number and the apartment number. This is because the town was settled first to be the camp of the workers of oil industry from another parts of the country. History The territory of Aktau was once resided by ancient tribes …


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21st century AlmatyPrehistoric Almaty During 1000–900 BCE in the Bronze Age the first farmers and cattle-breeders established settlements on the territory of Almaty. During the Saka’s period (from 700 BCE to the beginning of the Common Era), these lands were chosen for residence by Saka tribes and later Uisun tribes inhabiting the territory north of the Tian Shan mountain range. The evidences of these times …


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Astana. Akmola was announced the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan on December 10,1997Akmola was announced the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan on December 10,1997 by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan of October 20,1997 on approval by the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The International presentation of Astana, the new capital of Kazakhstan was held on June 10, 1998. The first ever capital of Kazakhstan since 1920 had been the city of Orenburg …

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