Our Transport

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Airport - hotel - airport transfers in Tashkent:

model Price USD
Nexia/Lacetti car (3 seats) - meeting 15
Nexia/Lacettii car (3 seats) - departure 10
minibus (12 seats) 25
bus (45 seats) 50

Airport/Railway station - hotel - airport/railway station in Samarkand, Fergana :

model Price USD
Nexia/Lacetti car (3 seats) 15
minibus (12 seats) 25
bus (45 seats) 50

Airport/Railway station - hotel - airport/railway station in Urgench, Khiva:

model Price USD
Nexia/Lacetti car (3 seats) 25
minibus (12 seats) 45
bus (45 seats) 65

Airport - hotel - airport in Bukhara:

model Price USD
Nexia/Lacetti car (3 seats) 15
minibus (12 seats) 25
bus (45 seats) 50

Railway station - hotel - railway station in Bukhara:

model Price USD
Nexia/Lacetti car (3 seats) 25
minibus (12 seats) 45
bus (45 seats) 65

Day trip to Chimgan/Charvak mountains:

model Price USD
Nexia/Lacetti car (3 seats) 55
minibus (12 seats) 120
bus (45 seats) 320

Day tour in Tashkent:

model Price USD
Nexia/Lacetti car (3 seats) 45
minibus (12 seats) 70
bus (45 seats) 175

Day trip Tashkent - Samarkand - Tashkent

model Price USD
Nexia/Lacetti car (3 seats) 170
minibus (12 seats) 270
bus (45 seats) 580

Day tour in Samarkand, Bukhara

model Price USD
car (3 seats) 45
minibus (12 seats) 90

“Nexia” (up to 3 seats)


Car “Nexia” is already known as loyal friend and irreplaceable assistant. Stylish, fast and refined citizen” Nexia” can move around the city and its outside. The salon of this oriental beauty is exclusively soft and comfortable. You will have such a pleasant and comfort trip, that you will not notice the finishing your trip from point A to point B.

"Daewoo Lacetti" (up to 3 seats)

Daewoo Lacetti

The automobile with its improved comfort has the wide salon with big and comfortable seats. This car is optimal as for

businessmen and travelers, maximum 3 passengers. The soft seats which are made of velour and interior salon together give us comfort during the long way. Power and maneuverability of the car will not make have patience during excursion or discussing any deals about business.

"Toyota Land Cruiser" (up to 3 seats)

Toyota Land Cruiser

The strong, reliable and fearless it’s jeep Toyota "Land Cruiser". Rain, wind, hot weather and bad roads aren’t impediments for this car. It is invincible and extremal. This car is for worthy real man, who likes adventures and ardor. Do you want to achieve dessert or mountain declivities? So, let’s go the knights without fear and reproach! About the car, which you will choose for your trip around Uzbekistan, we can say confidence: “My car is my fortress!”

"Hyundai Starex" (up to 5 seats)

Hunday Starex
Hyundai Starex – is a minivan with middle level can take max 6 persons, Starex is equipped with air condition, soft seats and ideally suitable for middle company of travelers.

"Hyundai Grand Starex" (up to 6 seats)

Hyundai Starex
Hyundai Grand Starex – is ideal decision for travelers with plenty of baggage, which can be kept in the salon and on the roof of the minivan. Your trip will be comfortable with the help of air condition and two hatches.

"Sang Yоng Istana" (up to 7 seats)

Sang Yоng Istana
Sang Yоng Istana – it has 9 seats, seat for guide.
There are Air condition, CD player, headrests, armrests and adjustable seats in the van. The first passenger seats line can turn 180°. The salon’s lighting is fluorescent "daylight" or a soft pink light as you wish.

"Sang Yоng Istana" (up to 9 seats)

Sang Yоng Istana
Sang Yоng Istana – is comfortable minivan with tourist class and can take max 11 persons. Minivan is equipped with two stoves, air condition, CD player and it is soft and convenient for moving tourists with a long distance.

"Mercedes Sprinter" (up to 15 seats)

Mercedes Sprinte
Mercedes Sprinter – is comfortable mini bus, and it has recommended to itself as a good mini bus of Central Asia roads. Mercedes Sprinter is well used for long distance and crossing the dessert. This mini bus has convenient seats and spacious salon. During your trip you will be convinced by power of German Auto Industry.

"Mitsubishi Coaster" (up to 18 seats)

"Mitsubishi Coaster" (up to 18 seats)

Are you going to have a trip, or may be do you want to have excursion around the city or moving to nature? Excellent! You have only to choose the transport! And let us introduce you micro bus "Coaster". This companionable “fellow” will ensure you pleasant impressions from the trip.

Toyota Coaster (up to 24 seats)Toyota Coaster

The Toyota Coaster car can be shortly present as a compact bus with wide scopes. In spite of small overall dimensions, salon of this bus can lodge 24 passengers. At the same time exterior of the renewed Toyota Coaster bus favorably distinguish it from the other transport.

For pleasant pastime Toyota Coaster bus provided with air-conditioner, individual lighting, sound system, and loud-speaker. The seats have qualitative soft upholstery and high backs. Two pneumatic doors provided quick coming in/out of bus, and high ceiling and even floor - comfortable transference along the bus. Safety in Toyota Coaster bus afforded by seat-b

Mitsubishi Rosa

"Mitsubishi Rosa" (up to 30 seats)

Micro bus "Mitsubishi Rosa" – is modern comfortable micro bus. It can take 34 persons. The micro bus is equipped with safety belts for each person, so and it makes your trip more safely. There are guide seat, air condition, CD player, headrests, armrests, adjustable seats and panoramic windows in the micro bus.

Golden Dragon

"Golden Dragon" (up to 37 seats)

Golden Dragon – is comfortable bus with tourist class, appropriate the world standard EVRO-IV, the bus is equipped with air condition, mike, fridge. It can take 30 persons. Numbers of seats are 37+1+1, and it also has adjustable seats, shelves for baggage, electric watch, sun visor, curtains, toilet cabin with sink and tap.


"VANHOOL Bus" (up to 44 seats)

"Vanhool Bus" - the tourist-class bus of new generation: comfort at the highest level. Quantity of places – 44+1+1, regulated sitting, individual illumination, the climate control, an autoradio tape recorder, TV/Video, a refrigerator, a sun-protection peak, electronic clock, the improved covering of a floor.


"Setra" (up to 55 seats)

Comfort and cozily – are one of the main parts of trademark class "Setra 215 HDS". The bus is roomy and reliable; it is used for large groups of persons, which may be members of friendly team or to have excursion or rest and etc. For services of passengers provide air condition, TV, toilet and audio-video system.

Mercedes Bus

"Mercedes Bus" (up to 55 seats)

Buses Mercedes-Benz are calling card of any travel agency: high technical characterization, comfort and efficiency for the most demanding customers. Numbers of seats are 55+1+1, adjustable seats, individual lightning, climate-control, CD player, TV/Video, fridge, sun visor, electric watch, curtains and floor which has good covering.