Madrasah of Muhammad Aminkhan (1851-1855 years)

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Once the largest religious school (not only in size but in scope) throughout Central Asia is located just a little to the south of the gate of Ichon-Qala (Ata-Darvaza). In the ancient time huge sums of money from the treasury were tributed on the content of the clergy, workers and students. The madrasas held 125 hujras located around the perimeter of the yard on two floors, several training rooms, a mosque and storerooms.
The religious school was erected in the period when a construction and an architectural decoration in Khiva experienced the ascent, thus, the building of Madrasah reflected all skills of architects and decorators: a grandiose monumental portal, two-story arched wings, ended with corner towers, an abundant majolica cladding. Not for nothing there is a proud inscription on the portal of this madrasas: "This wonderful building will stand forever for the joy of future generations ..."