Kalta Minar

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An unfinished minaret, rich decorated with colored majolica has a diameter of 14.5 meters and a height of 26 meters. I is located next to the Madrasah of Muhammad Aminkhan and considered to be a unified architectural ensemble. The minaret was conceived as the tallest building in Khiva, but was not completed in connection with the death of the Muhammad Aminkhan ruler. The people believe that God punished the governor in such way, because it is known for sure that after the Khan laid the "first stone" into the base of the minaret he killed a man.
During two years the builders of the complex were working from the night until dawn without receiving payment for their work. The family and the work that gave money for their living were left. Thus, confusion started to spread. For this, a leader of the poor people, named Matyakub from Shavat city was caught and punished.
By the order of the governor, the rebel was wrapped into a wet sheep skin and laid, still alive, in the foundation of the ill-fated minaret. Then, on the top it was put a plate with the historic words: "Words of the king are the king of the words" ....