Madrasah of Muhammad Rahimkhan (1871 year)

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An architectural monument in the Ichon-Qala, located a little to the eastern area of Kunya-Ark. Rahimkhan Muhammad II (1847-1910 years) was an enlightened ruler of Khiva Khanate, philosopher and poet, popularly known under the pen name as Firuz. Being an ardent supporter of art and literature, Firuz became the first to introduce lithographic edition of books in Central Asia.
The building of this Madrasah includes two courtyards. The outside one consists of single-storey cells named hujras in the depth of which the two-storey main facade of Madrasah stands, and a cozy inner courtyard with arched range of hujras. Madrasah consists of classrooms, summer and winter mosque, library and utility rooms. Despite an external monumentality of the facade, it is clearly seen a desire of the architect to make a visitor’s stay in the Madrasah be comfortable and cosh.