Mausoleum of Said Alauddin (presumably the XIV-th century)

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This building is considered to be one of the earliest monuments of the historic part of the city. Till nowadays, it came in a somewhat distorted and converted form. An original appearance and exact date of construction is conjectural.
It is known that Sheikh Said Alauddin died, according to the inscription on the tomb, in 1303 year, but the mausoleum could be built only in the second half of the XIV-th century, since its construction is used to be associated with the name of Amir Kul, who died in 1380 year.
The Mausoleum was rebuilt several times. Thus, by the order of Allakulikhan (1825 – 1842 years), from the west to the tomb a square building called ziyarathana was attached, and respectively the entrance into the complex was also rebuilt. Later, near the respected shaikh a Khiva Khan Said Muhammadhan (1819 – 1863 years) was buried. It was built a common dakhma for two graves. It was an elevated base and two tombstones called sagans, on it.
The architecture of the mausoleum is quite interesting, but not very bright. Walls, domes, tromp – everything was made of brick and had no any decoration. However, one’s attention can be easily attracted by a rich trimming of tombstones. A facing with colored majolica was made in the best traditions of the art of XIV century Khorezm, although it was paved in the 60 years of the XIX century.