Mausoleum of Pahlavan Mahmud (XIV century)

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A memorial complex which grew at a small secular cemetery behind the Juma mosque is closely associated with the name of Pahlavan Mahmud. Being a poet, philosopher, freedom fighter, an unsurpassed master of sewing fur coats, Pahlavan Mahmud (1247-1326 years) was buried in his home-studio. The master was a kind of talisman for the city, and eventually, a cemetery of noble families - his admirers, grew around the mausoleum.
In the XIX century, a construction of the mausoleums for Khorezmshahs began near the complex. Thus, the graves of the earlier dead khans were moved into a newly built building. By 1825 year, all the rooms of the memorial were completely covered with colored majolica of typical Khiva ornament. Today, green domes of the necropolis gleaming in the sunlight, from afar attract curious gaze of visitors.