Bathhouses of Anushkhan (1657year)

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Eastern bathhouses - hammams have deep historical and technological traditions of the construction. The baths in Khiva, built under the rule of Abulgazikhan in 1657 year are one of them. Hammams represent a particular interest for the history of Khiva architecture, because they are the earliest architectural monument of such a purpose.

The monument has a popular nickname - Bathhouses of Anushkhan.

Traditionally, all the rooms of the eastern baths are recessed into the ground, there are only low domes visible above the surface. In this way, an isolation of the walls could be kept well.

Going down the small stairs, we find ourselves into the first room, which served as a place of rest and dressing room. Then through a range of halls, where the temperature rises gradually, we fall into a central one, the proper place where the ablution used to be occurred. Around the central hall, several outbuildings for various purposes were located.

A heating of the bathhouse was implemented by a system of flue channels, located under the floor. Water was taken from wells located near the boiler room.