Madrasah of Allakulikhan (1834 – 1835 years)

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Madrasah Allakulikhan, one of the largest religious schools in Khiva, is located between tim (shopping mall) and the eastern gate of Ichon-Qala. Its main facade comes out into the courtyard of a partly preserved mosque of Hodzhamberdibiy (1688 year). A portal of a newly built Madrasah divided in half the mosque ruins, for what it was popularly nicknamed as "hurdzhum" - "a changing pouch”.
Experts refer the Madrasah of Allakulikhan to the best examples of architecture of medieval Khorezm. A slender and proportionate monument was created in simple and widescale form. A majolica trimming of the portal and lateral expansion is strict and elegant.
Currently, the exposition of the Museum of Medicine named after Abu Ali Ibn Sina is located in the building of the Madrasah.