Tash-Hauli Palace (1831-1841 years)

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Tash-Hauli Palace ("Stone Yard") was built on the order of Allakulikhan and organically blended into the complex of buildings at the eastern gate (Palvan-Darvaza). A compound organism of the palatial and residential buildings is separated from the prying eyes by a high brick wall topped with battlements.

In the beginning, the southern part of the palace was built, which included a yard for receptions - Arz-Hauli (mock trial, support and office space) and the yard for entertainments - Ishrat-Hauli (harem, mihmanhana). After some time a separate family yard called haram, was built.

A family yard is the biggest in size and includes a two-storey residential and business rooms, located on its perimeter.
Popular ornamental traditions found a full expression in the rich decoration of the palace. A colorful majolica tiles on the walls, the magnificent carving of unique columns and marble bases and rich painted wooden ceilings – everything can be seen here. Not without reason, the story still preserves names of the artists, involved in construction of the palace: Usto Tadzhiddin, Kalandar architect, master of facing named Abdullah.

Today, in separate rooms of the palace an exhibition, devoted to the history, culture and decorative arts of Khorezm is exhibited in museum.