Minaret of Palvan Cary

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The minaret is located in the eastern part of Dishan Qala, near the complex of Seyid-biy, and includes a mosque, a minaret and a two-storey Madrasah. This construction is of a great interest primarily of the fact that is strikingly different from the traditional type of Khiva minarets, which are usually significantly narrowing to the top.

Minaret of Palvan Cary is a rare type of perfectly straight, cylindrical minaret. It is hard to say what was the reason for such architecture. Probably, the reason became new developments, because it was built in the late XIX and early XX centuries. It is noteworthy that the minaret’s decor is also unusual. Such modesty in trimming is not characteristic for Oriental architecture. All of its embellishment is belts of brick figured masonry, ornamented with a green glaze tiles in the form of "bows".