Asian Antartica

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Asian Antartica

Tour location: On the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan with Samarkand and Bukhara
Tour duration: 16 days
Season: July – August
Tour type: trekking/cultural discovery
Quantity of tour participants: 2 – 8
Requirements –
professional skills are required. The best preparation for this type of trekking is cycling, swimming, jogging, tennis, and in extreme cases walking 5-6 km a day. Mountain guide has the right to modify the route according to your physical preparation to prevent the group from any unforeseen hazards...
Itinerary: TashkentSamarkandBukhara – Baysun – Dushanbe – Pamir Mountains - Dushanbe.

Tour description:The Pamir Mountains in eastern Tajikistan are called the roof of the world and have many glaciers. Fedchenko Glacier, the greatest one of the world outside the Polar Regions, is 77 km long and 1,700 m to 3,100 m wide, with a surface area of 992 km2 and more ice than 500 m thick. The maximum thickness of the glacier is 1,000 metres. There are 45 glaciers in total included into the system of Fedchenko glacier. A famous hydro meteorological station (observatory) named after academician Gorbunov near one of the glaciers called Kashalajak.
The Fedchenko Glacier, which extends north and south in the center of the figure, appears white on the southern side (upstream side) and dark-purple on the northern side (downstream side). Since the upstream glacier covered with snow and ice reflects sunlight quite strongly, it looks pure white, whereas the surface of the downstream glacier is covered with rock debris, so it looks dark-purple as it reflects sun light rather weakly.

Tour program:

Day 1. Arrival to Tashkent (Uzbekistan). Accommodation in hotel. Short sightseeing. Overnight.
Day 2. TashkentSamarkand. Morning train to Samarkand. Sightseeing program. Overnight.
Day 3. SamarkandBukhara. Continue of discovery of Samarkand. Train to Bukhara. Arrival and accommodation.
Day 4. Bukhara – Baysun. Continue of discovery of Bukhara. PM. Transfer to Baysun (342 km).
Day 5. Baysun – Dushanbe. Transfer to Dushanbe (Tadjikistan, 185 km). Accommodation. Short sightseeing. Overnight.
Day 6. Dushanbe – Khaburabad pass – Pyanj River – Kalayhum (285 km).
Day 7. Kalayhum village – Vanch town (90 km) – Poymazar village (65 km) – Abdukagor river (15 km).
Day 8. Beginning of the trek. Abdukagor river – RGC (Russian Geographic Community) glacier.
Day 9. Kashalayak pass – Fedchenko glacier – «Gorbunov» meteorological station
Day 10. «Gorbunov» Meteorological station - Fedchenko glacier – Tanymasskaya Lapa glacier.
Day 11. Tanymasskaya lapa glacier – Fedchenko glacier – Abdukagor glacier.
Day 12. Abdukagor pass – Abdukagor glacier – Abdukagor river.
Day 13. Abdukagor river – bridge walk on a Vanch river. Trek ends.
Day 14. Transfer Poymazar – Vanch town – Pyandj river - Kaylahunb village.
Day 15. Transfer Kalayhunb village – Haburabat pass – Dushanbe city.
Day 16. Departure from Dushanbe.

Useful info.

Necessary dress equipment and stuff:

  • Lightweight trekking boots. The best to walk in them before arriving to Fanns Mountains to avoid blisters.
  • Trekking Anorak (it is useful for this mountains),
  • Trekking trousers; (useful higher up in this mountains in the morning and night),
  • 1 pair of loose fitting long shorts,
  • 2 or 4 cotton T-shirts, (if you want you can buy its here, in the bazaars the first day).
  • 1 lightweight long sleeved-shirt (it is suitable to avoid sun burn),
  • A sunhat (ensure it has wide brim to cover the face and neck).
  • Trekking waterproof rain cape;
  • Windbreaker;
  • Socks (2-3 pairs of cotton and 2 pairs of woolen),
  • Swimming suit (possible to swimming on the some altitude lakes),
  • Canteen (water bottle), sunscreen and sunglasses,
  • Personal toiletries,
  • Personal medical supplies;
  • Passport.


  • Tourists must have no medical contraindications for the trekking on high altitude.
  • In case of bad weather a tour guide has a right to change the route in a safety purpose.