Central Asia Tours Adventure tours in Central Asia KyzylKum desert. By 4WD to Aral Sea through the Kyzyl-Kum desert

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Trip along KyzylKum desert

KyzylKum desertThe fascinating tour on 4WD vehicles passes through the KyzylKum – one of the greatest deserts of Asia. On road you will see boundless sands and small oases, settlements being lost in desert, nomads grazing the sheeps on scant pastures, fossilized remains of dinosaurs and trees, explore desert flora and fauna. You will get the Aral sea shore after having passed hundreds kilometers in sands. Unfortunately, in 10-15 years the Aral sea can leave its shores forever, if the miracle will not take place. But it’s still possible to see the remains of beached boats, amazing Aral motley rocky shores and mysterious Usturt plateau. There will also be the opportunity to take pleasure of observing the world famous monuments of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva.

Day 1. Arrival in Tashkent. Hotel. Half day sightseeing.
Visiting the old city, Barak-Khan madrassa (XVI c.), Yunus-Khan mausoleum, Kaffal-al-Shashi Mazar (graveyard) (XVI c.), Kukeldash madrassa (XVIII c.), museum of Applied Art, square of Independence, Friendship peoples square, metro, National Theatre of opera and ballet.
Day 2. Morning train to Samarkand (dep at 7:00/arr at 10:30). Transfert to hotel. Accommodation. Sightseeing program of Samarkand: Reghistan square , Gur-Emir mausoleum, Rukhobod mausoleum, Shakhi-Zinda necropolises, Khazrati Khizr mosque, Siyab local bazaar, Bibi Khanum mosque. Overnight.
Day 3 Route to the Nurata nature reserve in KyzylKum desert, to Khayat village (250 km, 4-5h). En route visit of Oukhoum village. Lunch in the local family. Hiking to the village Khayat (5-6 km, 3 hrs). Discovery of petroglyphs and nature of the Nurata mountains. Ascending to the Yamankechi Pass (1500) where you can enjoy a best views of the mountains, villages, flore and fauna. Towards the horizon in KizylKum desert you can see the Aydarkul lake. Descend to the village along the nature reserve. Arrival and accommodation in guest house. Dinner and overnight.
Day 4 Transfer to the yurt camp Aydar in the KizilKum KizylKum desert (north south of Aydar Kul Lake). En route we’ll see wildlife of the desert - lizards, giant lizards, snakes, vultures etc. and get acquainted with the desert flora. Stop on the rich of Lake. Picnic and rest. Possibility of swimming. Continue of road to the yurt camp. Accommodation in the yurt upon arrival. Camel riding trough the desert. Dinner and overnight.
Day 5 Transfer to Bukhara (250 km). En route visit of ancient Karavanserail in Karmana XVI s., pottery work shop in Gijduvan. Accommodation upon arrival. Lunch. Visit of Bukhara; Samoni mausoleum (IX-X ss), Chashma Ayubmausoleum (XII-XVI ss), Bolo Khouse mosque (XVIII s), Poyi Kalon complex (XII-XVI ss) and commercial domes. Dinner and overnight.
Day 6 Route Bukhara – Svetushiy village – sand hills (250 km). Relief: steppe,KizylKum desert dunes. yellow color, the height of dunes up to 20 meters. Night at the dunes or at the hot springs.
Day 7 Route sands – Uchkuduk – Kulkuduk – Bukantoo mountains – Irlir springs – Jarkuduk (450 km). Reliefs are desert dunes, steppe, mountains and desert. High insulated dunes, salt marshes. En route you can visit of holy places as Kambar Ata cemetery, hot springs, Uchkuduk city situated just middle of the KizylKum desert. You can visit also the petroglyphs of Bukantoo mountains and cross through the depression of Mingbulak where you can see or find a fragments of fossils and the remains of dinosaurs. Because millon ears ago there was a the bottom of ancient sea.
Day 8 Route Djarkuduk – Kukcha desert village – Ayaz Kala zaroastrian fortress (VI-III ss. BC).450 km. Reliefs are KizylKum desert, steppes. Curiosities; depression of Minbulak, forest of Saksauls – desert tries and ancient fortress of Ayaz Kala.
Day 9 Route; desert sands – Chimbay village – Nukus city – Muynak city (330 km). Reliefs; sands, steppes, KizylKum deserts, chinks. Curiosities; cemetery of Sultan Uvays as holy place – place of pilgrimage of locals, Savitskiy museum in Nukus, Muynak –the ancient port city on the shore of Aral sea, cemetery of chips.
Day 10 Route; Muynak – Ustyurt plateau – Aral sea. (250 km). Reliefs: steppes, chinks, salt lakes and marshes. Curiosities, cemetery of Massagets, abandoned villages, Sudochiy Lake (where you can see migratory birds). – the largest basin of Amudarya delta. The views are exiting. You can see any colors as rainbow; red, rose, ocher, purple, gray and white. Continue of road to Ustyurt Plateau. Visit and walking on the short of Aral sea. The coastal zone is covered with low bushes, salt and the amazing of variety of color. So you will see the sunset over the sea. Fantastic landscapes. Tent on the short. Overnight.
Day 11 Transfer to Nukus (450 km, 6-7 hrs). Reliefs: steppes, chinks. Morning walking along the bank of the Aral sea. Breakfast and route to Nukus. Overnight in Nukus.
Day 12 Transfer to Khiva ( 220 km). Reliefs: steppes,low mountains, sacsaul (haloxylon) forests, Chilpik Kala – a Tower of Silence, used by Zoroastrians of Khorezm an ancient temp for exposure of the dead, Amudarya river. Arrival to Khiva and accommodation in hotel. Sightseeing of Khiva. Overnight.
Day 13 Transfer to Urgench and flight to Tashkent. Then from Tashkent to home.
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Book Tour "By 4WD to Aral Sea through the Kyzyl-Kum desert"