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It has truly been a pleasure to have you here, and we hope your trip was enjoyable. Below is a form we would like to ask you fill in before you leave. The survey will help us to improve the quality of our services so please do not hesitate to drop a comment on anything you think should be highlighted.

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Last feedbacks

Sofia Air Tour, 17 April 2012

Dear Shukhrat,

I want to express once again my sincere gratitude for your hospitality, professionalism and the trust you had to me and my clients. The excitement and the satisfaction, which I felt in Uzbekistan, not only me, but the whole the group, is one more prove for your rich history and for the love and the big humanity of the people of Uzbekistan. I want to thank also for the magnificent guide, because without Gulya, Uzbekistan wouldn't be the same in our eyes. Thank you for everything!
I start prepare another group for Uzbekistan for the dates 20.09. / 01.10 2012. Tatyana confirmed me the same price for September 2012. When I collect 10 people I will start to send to you the copies of the passports for the preparation of the visas.
I send you, some pictures from our group, please find enclosed!
I really hope to see each other again!
Thank You for the good collaboration!
Sincerely Yours: Violeta

Shirley Reynolds, 14 October 2011

Hello Ismat,

Well we are all home and reliving happy memories of our trip to Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. We want to thank you for the wonderful way you organized this tour. We especially enjoyed having Johny as our guide for the biggest part. He was well informed on the historical aspects of the country, was very responsive to our needs and requests, as well as being a very personable man. We felt having him as a guide contributed greatly to our satisfaction.

We all feel Uzbekistan is a country that shouldn't be missed by travelers and we will definitely tell our friends that this would be a fantastic journey. And, of course, we will recommend Asia Travel (and you personally) should anyone want to plan a visit.

Again, thank you and all the people in your company who made this trip a trip to remember.

Best wishes,

Shirley Reynolds

Shirley Reynolds, 14 October 2011

Hello Margarita,

I just wanted to thank you for all the assistance you gave to me and my group when we recently were in Uzbekistan. I enjoyed meeting you at your office. The lovely tree you made and gave me now is sitting on my living room table. Every time I look at it I am reminded of your graciousness.

If there is an opportunity in the future to return to Uzbekistan, I will most surely contact you.

Best wishes for continued success of Asia Travel!

Shirley Reynolds

Roma Masson, 21 June 2011

Hello Tatyana!

What a lovely trip!! We enjoyed every, people, food, guide, hotel, monument, shop, etc. etc. Don't worry about the inconvenience during the check-out in H Uzbekistan...I was sure that you have did the steps to arrange it..but the big, big hotel is not perfect and it needs to improve. The important is that we had an last and excellent dinner...very relaxed in the hotel, with a perfect quality...(much better that the buffet, the day when we arrived).But before this, and also to send you some pictures, I need a month, because I am writting a chapter for a medical book.

Any case, we have a mervellous memories of this trip!...and pleasant fight to home with the comfortable Turkish Airline (we stop and visited again Istambul). Now again in the sweet home!

My compliments to the management people of the agency, and the guides, when you will be in contact with them, even if I must steal it! Remember than we wait for your visit! Any day!

Yours Sunsi - Roma

Julio Alterach, 12 May 2011

Dear Kseniya
I would like to underline the 3 professional drivers we had during the trip and particularly our Italian guide, Mr. Artur Bekchanov, with his ability, his knowledge and the capacity to transfer to the group each interesting aspect of the tour.

Best regards
Julio Alterach

Marie Lave, 8 August 2010

We made a trip of three days in the Chimgan Mountains. The original idea was to see something else that the cities of the Silk Road that tourists usually visit. So we spent three days, my parents and I with an young team who tried to show us the branches of the nature. They were really carefull of our needs, our level and to make our trip comfortable. The first day we made a small trek to see the black waterfall. Our guides showed us some plants which are used for cooking. At the top we made some tea and discovered that the tea time is important thing in Uzbekistan.

Then our guides showed us how to climb for the third day. I liked the pedagogy of the guys who adopted to our level. I liked the landscapes, especially the views of the lake in the mountains. We could smell the pure air in a healthy way doing sport but not too hard. I wish Ispent some days more to lead more the effects of the spot.

William Van Husen, 16 April 2010

Excellent! Tour guide was very informative and had a vast knowledge of all areas. Restaurants and meals were also very good. There were a great variety of the local cuisines. Bus driver was also very highly qualified.

I would highly recommend this tour to others.

Lee Sanborn, May 2010

Dear Asia Travel! Thanks for well planned tour. I liked everything: charming hotels with friendly staff, comfortable car with very punctual driver. I had very informative escort guide - easy to understand. Uzbekistan is the most intresting country I'd ever visited with hospitable people who were so welcoming. I'll recommend Asia Travel to myfriends!

Yannick and Karine Chanier, 23-d July 2010

T he trip was good, good organisation, kind staff. The food was good but you took too much. The only problem was the tent which is not suitable for such trek (a lot of condensation inside). The trek by itself was exactly what we wanted. Thank you!

Susan Albamante, April 2010First of all I liked Asia group hotels. There were great location and comfortable beds . Meal was good. Especcially in madrassahs. I really liked the madrassah in Bukhara. And guide also was very good. I had lots of information about the sites we visited and about shopping. Thanks for this jorney!
Eric Perrodear, 8 August 2010

We have organised a tour via intarnet contact (Asia travel tour operators). This was done between February and May, with some modification due to Kirgistan events. Finally we decided to go a few days in Tadjikistan.

I came with older daughter and wife. We were welcomed at airpor in early morning and were transfered to the hotel. All is very professional: people were waiting for us. Our first day was in Tashkent - a bit short may be. Next ones in Chimgan, for a short and I guess cosy one for climbing beginners. Our team was very good and everybody were looking to take care of us.

I will drop here, 3 weeks time trip is not limited. Sorry for the poor vocabulary, would have been more accurate in French.

David Edmondson

Dear Asia Travel,

Many thanks for all your help during and up to our recent visit.

Please pass on our and admiration to the marvelous guide throughout and who looked after us well beyond the call of duty.

Once again, many thanks and best regards.

Harry Brown

Excellent! The variety of cultural travels was first class; the information/commentary given was generally outstanding!

John Woodfield


Excellent programme, well organized making for unforgettable experience. Uzbekistan and its people are beautiful! Good selection of restaurants. Guide was very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and helpful.

Ann John

Brilliant! Very good with lot of information. Large variety of restaurants. I would recommend for information and historical sights.

Ron Isaac

Very good. Wonderful architecture and friendly people! I would recommend Asia Travel for my friends.

Herbert Meyers

Sehr gut, sehr gute Organisation, alles hat super geklappt, keine probleme, Keine Warezeiten.