Crafting in Uzbekistan

The art of metal processing

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The art of making knives is a small but very distinctive branch of art of the metals processing. Souvenir knives are made ??with a bended blade, which has its own case - "kinbok”, which is often decorated with metal plates, applique or embroidery.
They are called as "guldor pichok", which means festive or decorated knife. Shape and decoration of the products are very distinctive; because everything depends on what school the master belongs to. These can be knifes with a wide, narrow, straight or curved blade and richly decorated handle, which makes solid or inlaid, made ??of wood or bone, inlaid or painted with lacquer enamel.
Nowadays, Chust city located in the Ferghana Valley and Khiva in Khorezm are considered to be recognized centers of artistic production of knives.
The second most popular metal products are pitchers. The reason is they have been made so long time ago, that the craft of metal processing by the antiquity, can compete only with the pottery.
Through the eras and the centuries the Uzbek masters - kondakors carried secrets of manufacturing cast and forged vessels, the methods of applying sophisticated ornaments and constructing patterns. Today Uzbekistan chasing has a number of various methods of engraving. That is a deep embossing – “kondakori”, less deep and pure - "chizma”, there is also laced chasing called "shabaka ".
Bukhara and Khiva schools of masters-chasers won the greatest international fame.