Crafting in Uzbekistan

Artistic fabrics

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Of course, the most outstanding phenomenon of weaving in Uzbekistan is the creation of a national masterpiece - fabrics "khan – atlas. At home, in the Ferghana region, it is called as "abre" because its similarities to the cloud, while in Europe it is called like "ikat ".
Khan-Atlas", without any doubt, is the real wealth of Uzbekistan. Detailed patterns of abre background play a very important role - the role of a talisman. Here are depicted such symbols as amulets – “tumorcha”, Combs named "tarog”, snake tracks - "Ilon izi, lamps – “chirok”, floral designs, garlands consisted of entwined bodies of humans and animals - the symbols of its roots dating back to Zoroastrianism and designed to protect the wearer from life adversities.
"Alacha", that is another folk masterpiece - a motley, solar fabric ornamented with longitudinal stripes, deposited on the dark blue warp threads. It is basically used for producing of national fabrics and often causes a smile thanks to its buoyancy.
Striped semi-silk fabrics without "abre" pattern – named "bekasab" - is another representative of the Ferghana school. Men's robes are traditionally sewn from it.
And finally "Bakhmal" that is the velvet fabric of the rare beauty of. In artistic terms, it is used to be the most attractive one. Traditionally, abre ornament of "Bahmala" is very similar to the pattern of hand-made carpets, the reason is their production process is very similar.
But Bukhara and the surrounding settlements has been always famous for manufacturing of printed fabrics, which were used for the manufacture of curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads, blankets and even burial matters - everything that is able to brighten our life and brighten up the leaving of life.