Crafting in Uzbekistan

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Tour "Golden Ring of Uzbekistan"


EmbroideryFrom time immemorial, embroidered panels - Suzanne decorated homes of Uzbek people. By the way, their ancient pattern had special sacred significance and according to believes, helped to protect the house from evil spirits, brought peace and comfort into the family. For a wedding time families prepared for the bride a set of objects decorated with embroidery. It included embroidery for the decoration of the walls such as - "Suzane", "gulkurpa", "palyak”, and curtains for covering niches named – “kirpech", "dzhoypush”, and prayer rugs – “dzhoynamaz”, and wedding sheets – “ruidjo”. Having looked at the traditional embroidery of "Suzane" one could accurately learn from what kind of settlement the bride was. Tashkent, Dzhizak, Samarkand or Surkhandarya - many regions of Uzbekistan have its own original, unlike any other figure.
Traditional ornaments for Uzbek embroidery are supposed to be zoomorphic and floral ones. The floral theme is usually presented by a full-blown shrubs and flowers, individual buds on slender stalks, ligature of hardwood sprouts. Images of strange animals and birds with bright feathering are often intertwined into the floral pattern.
Embroidery was done with silk or woolen threads, dyed with vegetable paints on the homespun tissues or ready clothing.
In this regard the outfits of karakalpak and surhandarya girls are of particularly interest.

Tour "Golden Ring of Uzbekistan"

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