Crafting in Uzbekistan

Pottery and ceramics

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Pottery and ceramicsThe ceramics occupies a special place among the many arts and crafts of Uzbekistan. Perhaps, it is the oldest one and the most demanded today from the country's existing crafts.
Dish-lagans, bowls and braids, vases, hums and kettles, pots and painted toys are varied in form and very comfortable to use, they are always in a great demand since ancient times up to nowadays. And these days they are distinguished with a high craftsmanship, harmony, bold imagination, amazing magic ornamental solutions and refined sense of style in dealing with color. From time immemorial in Uzbekistan two types of ceramics are considered to be produced: non-irrigated burnt terracotta as well as the irrigated glazed pottery. Over the centuries, crafts centers clearly defined and gained fame such as: Samarkand, Gijduvan, Rishton and Karshi, Tashkent, Khorezm. In recent years, the work ships of artists from Denau, Gurumsaray and Karakalpakstan also attracted the attention.
Ceramics from these centers is clearly divided into two color groups: the first is dominated by blue, green and white colors, while the second - green, brown and yellow. These taste preferences are explained by purely technical reasons. The Ferghana valley and Khorezm’s masters use for irrigation an ancient ishkorov glaze of azure colors, because the yellow-brown tones of natural dyes just expanded under it. In Samarkand, Tashkent and Bukhara cities the ustos use the plumbum glaze; therefore, the entire range of red-brown can be remarkably obtained here.

Each ceramics center also has its own unique ornamental style. Their products have such kind of originality, that even a layman, once compared the products, never will confuse any of the schools.