Crafting in Uzbekistan

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Arts and crafts of Uzbekistan

Arts and crafts of UzbekistanHave you ever thought about what kind of things surround you in the everyday life? Your clothes, shoes, dishes, carpets, blankets and bedspreads? Only few of us are thoughtful and thorough to approach to the selection of things. These days, in the century of the total engagement, nearly all of us are inclined to minimalism, the main priority is considered to be the convenience. That is the reason we filled our houses with stamped plastic, intrudes in virtually all areas of our lives. However, it was not always such a way.

It was recently, when crocheted lace napkins, embroidered towels and curtains, unusual cushions, painted trays could be seen in each apartment. We were pleased to play with toys made by our fathers and to wear sweaters knit by our mothers. And that habit was not because of shortage of other kinds of things, but just because of things make by hands has a special energy, finds an echo in your soul and seems to be a masterpiece, even if it is somewhat clumsy and amateur.
That is so pity, in the recent past, following the lead of a general unification, centuries of experience and filigree craftsmanship of the so-called "artisans" - craftsmen have been unjustly persecuted. And it is extremely great, that today everything is done that would revive the true folk art.
Uzbekistan is a country with extraordinarily talented people to live in. Thus, talent and skill, multiplied by many centuries of glorious history finally give a result of those masterpieces of folk art that will not allow to forget about their true roots, culture and the unique ethnic group.
There is a great number of brilliant masters and hundreds of crafts in our country. But now I would like to talk about those ones, which have won world renown for their country.

Traditions and crafts Gijduvan

The art of metal processing


Artistic fabrics

Embroidered with gold


Pottery and ceramics

Tashkent school of woodcarving

Lauh – a wooden wonder


Crafting in Tashkent

Uzbek Traditional Clothing

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